The World At Large

13th age map

The World has experienced 12 deaths and subsequent rebirths; stories are handed down of battles of untold ages ago that leveled towers to bring about the end of an Age, others tell of tiny men on a journey to end another Age. Each Age has its own story, lost in the shuffle as the new Age is born of the wreckage of the previous. This, the 13th Age, is where you leave your mark that may live on to the next era…

The World is flat and is surrounded by insurmountable (??) mountain peaks and an inhospitable sea, full of dangers that do not let travelers past.

Horrors ans beauties lie in every forest, all of reality is the playground of the Elemental Court, and man fights for his place among the monsters that plague the land. And among it all, the Nihilus Vagus pushes onward.

The World At Large

Nihilus Vagus ennui