The Elemental Courts

Just as the kingdoms of man have political intrigue and royal disputes, the very elements themselves make designs of power amongst themselves and quibble over minutiae that make no sense to even the most politically inclined mortal.

Elementals are magical constructs said to have been born out of a past Age that was a period of intense magical strife. Since their inception, they have banded together to form Courts in a manner that makes sense only to them:

High Court: Air/Earth/Water/Fire
Megin Court: Salt/Iron/Molten/Ice
Stretiggo Court: Pleasure/Pain/Terror/Love

And many more. These courts operate according to arcane and esoteric laws of nature and balance that only the most adept magical user—The Archmage—can read with any consistency. The High Druid has also been known to call upon their aid when the balance of elements has fallen apart.

The Elementals themselves are known to play by interfering in the plans of mortals, through covertly, lest the Mirror Contract between the Archmage and the High Court be violated.

The Elemental Courts

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